Well, THIS doesn’t happen every day!

We were busy serving what felt like record record numbers of people in the church basement.  As part of the Danvers Family Festival, Oldies Night was scheduled to be on this same night, but because the weather was looking pretty threatening at one point – with even a tornado warning – it was cancelled.  That meant alot of people were free to join us for dinner, and join us they did!  We served friends, family, the entire fire department, members of the Danvers Family Festival committee, local Kiwanians and Rotarians – it was a packed house with standing room only at one point!

Then out of the blue we all heard music and one-by-one, members of the 215th Army Band paraded into the hall “New Orleans” style playing some fantastic jazz!  What an amazing surprise!  As it turns out, one of the scouts’ mom knows one SGT Bob Bean of the 215th and had invited him to dine at the dinner – but he went one better and organized a little surprise.

Thank you SGT BEAN for organizing this fantastic surprise for our community!  You are a role model for us all.  We appreciate the time you took out of your schedule to make this happen, and we thank you and all of our service men and women for your service.